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Creating Slack integration - available in Scoold Pro

I am considering using Scoold for my team. But it requires integration with slack in the following ways:

  • I need a bot that I can mention on slack in order to post something as a question on Scoold. This means that I want to be able to write the following on slack:
    • @scoold How can I xxxxxx @david
    • This should result in the question getting posted on scoold. If there are multiple sentences, then please use the first one as the headline. After having pressed enter, then please have a dropdown show up so one can choose an appropriate tag for the question (this is not necessary in order to post the question). Such dropdowns have been created by teamline (another Slack plugin) and can be seen here: https://www.screencast.com/t/S0D13k5hoWA Also, because I have seen how the teamline slack app works, I know that it is possible to achieve the above using the Slack API
  • Any member on scoold should be required to provide their slack account name so that any mention of them on Scoold will trigger a notification to them on Slack. This notification needs to be instantly (this is something that Stackoverflow for Teams cannot do, they have a delay of several minutes, delaying all communications). It should not require any setup for the user (such setup is horribly complicated on Teams, currently)

How much would it cost to get this implemented?

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David, that's a cool idea! We should discuss this further via email or on Gitter. You're talking about 2 features here - first is the Slack bot and the second is a Scoold integration with the Slack API.

This will be a premium feature and will be available in Scoold Pro.

Posted 5 years ago
Edited 5 years ago
Alex Bogdanovski
1K × 9 Administrator
1 Answer
5 years ago
5 years ago