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Possible to embed into iFrame?

Consider the following use-case: We are offering accounting services and we have some difficult customers sometimes (they typically show up at the end of year), which require some internal discussion. I imagine that this discussion will happen on Scoold using the customerID as a tag. In our accounting systems we have the ability to embed any iframe. The idea would be to have a webpage with all tags relevant to that customer show up whenever we click on the customer in our own system. I made a quick test and it seems like Scoold refuses to be in an iFrame. Slack also refuses this for example and they have confirmed it when I contacted them. Their reason was security.

My question is whether this would be easy to change in our own deployment?

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I very much doubt that Scoold will run in an iFrame, especially with the Content Security Policy turned on. You could, of course, turn that off and try.

Posted one year ago
1 Answer
one year ago
one year ago