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on-prem HTTPS and para console

Disclaimer: these questions may be a bit dumb, since I just started trying out a scoold deployment.

If I host a scoold server on my own server (on-prem), it looks like only HTTP is supported. Is there a way to enable HTTPS on a scoold/para server?

The second question: the para console is accessible via web script obtained from console.paraio.com, that connects back to my server. Is there any way to have a locally hosted console site to avoid visiting an outside link in order to access para console?

Posted 8 months ago
Edited 8 months ago
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Yes, to both questions.

  1. You can enable HTTPS in the JVM using Spring Boot's configuration properties, or use nginx instead. https://github.com/Erudika/scoold#self-hosting-para-and-scoold-through-ssl

  2. The Para Web Console is an open source project - simply clone it and use it however you like. It's 100% client-side, so it doesn't really matter if you host it locally or not. https://github.com/erudika/para-admin-ui

Posted 8 months ago
1 Answer
8 months ago
8 months ago