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Who is allowed to ask questions in Scoold?

Is everybody who is registered allowed to ask questions in Scoold or can the ability to ask a question be limited to people with a minimum reputation?
It would be helpful if this option would exist. I knnow that questions can approved or disaproved, but that needs a manual intervnention by an admin.

Also, is everybody allowed to rate or answer a question? It might also be good to require a minimum reputation for this.
Next question is of course , how to aquire reputation if not by asking or answering. Maybe reading time or registration time? Or maybe asking/answering is limited to, say once per week only if the reputation is low.

Posted 9 months ago
Edited 9 months ago
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Yes, of course, everyone can ask questions. Also, everyone can answer and upvote questions. The features/limitations you describe are not implemented.

Posted 8 months ago
Luca Sorint   12 days ago Report
1 Answer
9 months ago
12 days ago
  Berlin, Deutschland