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could you explain how we install this script on a server step by step ?


could you explain how we set up this script on a server step by step ?

thank you.

Posted 3 years ago
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Hi, the deployment steps for Scoold are:

  1. Deploy Para on your machine OR create an account and app on ParaIO.com
  2. Create and edit the application.conf file and configure the Para endpoint and credentials
  3. Run Scoold with java -jar scoold.war -Dconfig.file=application.conf

Read the Para documentation and the Scoold Readme.

Hi, thanks for reply.

i get this error java -jar scoold.war -Dconfig.file=application.conf Error: Unable to access jarfile scoold.war

and in conf file i changed localhost with my ip. is this true ?

Posted 3 years ago

@tindeks please read the Para documentation first.

Alexander Bogdanovski   3 years ago Report

This shouldnt be tough for us to install

Posted 3 months ago
3 Answers
3 years ago
3 months ago
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