Why Can't I Comment On Things? Allowed, after v1.25.5

Why? Also, how does the reputation thing work?

EDIT: Commenting is now enabled by default. See para.new_users_can_comment setting.

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How do you get to 100+ reputation?

Posted one year ago
By being nice and helping others. :) Alexander Bogdanovski   one year ago Report
test Genki Nakamura   one year ago Report
test1 Alexander Bogdanovski   11 months ago Report
sdadad Valeriu Vodnicear   9 months ago Report

This is a sample

public static void main(){
Posted one year ago

test answer

Posted one year ago
tttttt Genki Nakamura   one year ago Report

Everyone with the 'Enthusiast' badge can post comments. You need 100+ reputation to get it.

Posted one year ago
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