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I would like to check if location based question works properly. Fixed in 1.28.5

I tried to test location based question on local environment, but it didn't work.
So I give it a try here.
I applogize for any inconvevience.

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Have you tried this with the latest version 1.28.5? Indeed, there was a parameter bug in previous versions.

Posted 4 years ago
Alex Bogdanovski
1K × 9 Administrator

It works like a charm here! I will test this on my local environment too. Thank you!

HyunWoo Jo   4 years ago Report

my answer is here

Posted 4 years ago

The symptom is same. I can't filter the questions by my locaion(near me). I assume that the reason is my location is saved in another language than English.

Posted 4 years ago


Hamza Muzaffar   4 years ago Report

Can I use markdown ? I want to use markdown syntax to write my answer.

Posted 3 years ago
4 Answers
4 years ago
3 years ago
  Seoul, South Korea