Scoold database - are you recommending H2 database in production

Which database are you recommending in production ? Is it OK do use H2 ?

We are using the default configuration for database - nothing is specified in para/ application.conf file and using local instance. And we get to the point where we have to think for backup solution. So based on the para documentation if you set para.env = "production" and does not configure anything about database , the default it will be H2 and all will goes in ./data folder. So Im trying to access the data in the H2 database , but without much success. Does anyone can help ?

Posted 6 months ago
I am testing the comments. Mike West   6 months ago Report
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Do you guys know why this area im writing in is taking time and sometimes also come with the need to refresh the page to update data?

Sure, it's a simple, stable and performant database and it's ideal for small-to-medium Scoold deployments. I can't recommend any particular DB because they all have their tradeoffs. Simply use the database engine you are most familiar with. It is also quite easy to implement a DAO plugin for any database you choose, unless it it's already implemented.

For details on how to access the H2 DB in ./data and how to back up/restore it, read the Para H2 documentation.

Posted 6 months ago
bullshit... para-dao-sql does not work, maybe only on yours "sandbox". Joao   one month ago Report